Strengths And Benefits Of Running An All Female Team – #BreakTheBias by Niki Herring

THE theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. Here Niki Herring, director of the UK’s only all-female influencer marketing agency shares the strengths and benefits of running an all-female team.

Niki said: “A more equitable world needs womens’ voices to be heard and one way brands and agencies can support this is with female-focused teams. A rising tide lifts all boats so the more women who are encouraged to speak up and build careers in the sector, the more we all achieve.”

1.     ESG built-in: As the predominant caretakers of the next generation, women consistently have their eyes on the future and the world we are building for our children. ESG isn’t a  PR bolt-on, it’s part of our DNA.

2.     Compassion and caring: In the old order corporate world, showing emotion or that you even had a life outside of work was considered a weakness. But in all-female teams, sharing is caring. The more you know about your co-worker, the better you can support each other and the business.

3.     Consensus and collaboration: Most women tend to prefer working by consensus – it gives everyone buy-in and makes any job easier when the team agrees. As a result, all-women agencies and businesses often evolve into a flat structure where everyone is empowered to speak up, share ideas and know their opinion matters.

4.     Work-life Balance:  Most of our team are mums and they have a healthy balance between family, self-care and work.  This culture is empowering too for younger workers who are not yet parents or older staff whose children have left home, as it ensures everyone has the right to work in their most productive way.

5.       Leaders, not bosses: Why dictate when you can inspire? Women bosses are skilled at coaching and are encouraging, understanding that empowering people within the team is what contributes to overall success.  They’re often more willing to hire someone more experienced than them too, as they don’t fear being ‘outshined’.

6.     Emotional Intelligence: It’s known as ‘women’s intuition’, but the ability to read the room, read the client and sense what is really going on is invaluable in business.

7.     Reaching your customers: UK mums make 85% of buying decisions. If you don’t have women in your team, you don’t know what the bulk of your customers are thinking.

By Niki Herring Who is director of the UK’s only all-female influencer marketing agency

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