T-Mobile launches new ad ‘Opening Day’ for the start of the MLB season

T-Mobile is launching their new ‘Opening Day’ spot to celebrate MLB Opening Day and the official opening of T-Mobile Park. This spot is the latest in a series of high-performing creative spots from T-Mobile and builds on the ‘T-Mobile Has You Covered’ campaign that launched back in September 2018 and introduced a new tone and approach for the brand.

To help breathe life into T-Mobile’s newfound purpose of bringing every consumer closer together through the power of coverage, T-Mobile partnered with acclaimed Hollywood producer, Andrew Panay, writer Brian Klugman, and the creative team at Panay Films, to create and develop this spot as well as the broader campaign, which has included spots, such as ‘T-Ball’ and ‘Super Dad,’ among others that aired in 2018, as well as the recent spot launched on International Women’s Day, ‘Grandma.’

While these brand spots took a heart-warming and emotional approach, the highly successful spots for the Super Bowl, which showcased texting conversations, were light hearted and humorous. 

All the work to date has been equally relatable and compelling and has showcased that T-Mobile’s network coverage expansion is about something a lot bigger than dots on a map – it’s about connections, real human connections.

Source: T-Mobile

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