In the seventy years on the throne, the Queen has become part of graphic design history too. Her face gracing the front of Royal Mail stamps since her coronation. WMH&I celebrates Her Majesty’s Jubilee with a colourful window display at their studio, showing all the kings and queens of WMH&I on the famous stamp design.

WMH&I is based in Clerkenwell in the east of London. A fortunate aspect of the agency’s Dallington Street studio is the large windows that make up the frontage. The agency is well known in the area for the campaigns it runs as well as festive fun.

The chance to make a mark for this year’s jubilee couldn’t be missed. The agency found inspiration in the humble stamp. The image of The Queen that appears on UK postage stamps was designed by Arnold Machin, who originally created it as a sculpture. First issued on 5 June 1967, it has remained unchanged for four decades. It is thought that this design is the most reproduced work of art in history, with over 200 billion examples produced so far.

Source: WMH&I

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