Theorem Expands Automation Services, Bringing Greater Revenue Opportunities to Media and Entertainment Companies

Building on its work with global publisher, streaming, audio and OTT brands, Theorem grows AdOps automation and order-to-cash offerings

Theorem, a full-service flexible digital marketing solutions provider, is expanding its automation services for media and entertainment brands including streaming companies, TV and radio broadcast companies. Theorem’s new AdOps automation and order-to-cash (OTC) offerings are designed to help media and entertainment brands grow their revenue through a unique mix of human intelligence, machine learning, digital marketing workflows and automation technologies. 

Order-to-cash challenges are pervasive throughout the industry, and with more media and entertainment companies looking to advertising as a monetisation model, the need for campaign scalability is greater than it has ever been. Order volume is out-scaling manual elements of existing processes — particularly in companies with an ever-growing daily volume of short-lived ad placements. Other factors include broadcast networks leveraging affiliate websites to monetise their content through paid advertising, adding to the urgency for streamlined AdOps and OTC processes across the media and entertainment market.

“Most media and entertainment companies either have automation built for internal use or they have generic automation products, which are not mapped to the digital marketing workflow. We developed our new automation services to address this growing gap in the market, which is contributing to significant revenue loss for publishers and others looking to advertising as a top revenue stream,” said Jay Kulkarni, CEO, Theorem. “From our decades of expertise in AdOps and OTC, we know that refining these processes leads to huge gains and also sets businesses up for long-term success. We look forward to partnering with brands across the media and entertainment ecosystem to help them realise their maximum potential through advertising.”  

Theorem’s expertise is built on 20+ years of refining and scaling order-to-cash processes with global media and entertainment companies, helping them address the common challenge of getting the most out of their OTC systems, which often still rely on manual, costly, time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Theorem’s new and unique automation services are designed to future-proof digital marketing operations by reducing the operational cost of managing AdOps and creating greater revenue opportunities for publishers across all categories. 

Theorem works with top media and entertainment companies including Turner, News Corp, Hearst, Pandora, and 30+ brands that span the streaming, audio, OTT and publishing sectors. Through its automation services, Theorem has been able to decrease manual AdOps processes by as much as 50%, which has allowed such companies to realise greater revenue from their digital advertising initiatives. 

Theorem’s industry-first automation services provide unique expertise and mastery of advertising products that are overlaid with automation IP. The solutions eliminate manual data entry, reduce error margins, and increase productivity and scale, enabling media and entertainment companies to speed up their order cycles and grow revenues faster. 

Theorem’s new automation services benefits include:

  • Decreased manual labor and people-related attrition
  • Return on investment of around 50% and cost savings
  • Faster order-to-cash and revenue recognition
  • Increased productivity
  • Simplified digital processes
  • Reduction in error rates
  • Future-proof scalability

Source: Theorem

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