This Global Handwashing Day, Godrej protekt brings you the cutest #HandwashConfessions

Over the years, mothers have nagged their children to wash their hands regularly while children have seen it as an extremely daunting task. Godrej protekt, a range of hand hygiene products from Godrej Consumer Products Limited, has taken it upon itself this ‘Global Handwashing Day’ to make handwashing fun with the launch of their new digital film #HandwashConfessions conceptualized by Creativeland Asia.

The film is a series of handwash confessions from kids in the age group of 5 to 8. While we adults are also guilty of not following hand hygiene, kids are the ones who will openly accept it.

The film opens with a child making a confession about wiping his hands on the sofa instead of washing them. This is followed by a series of confessions from children who have some funny yet true secrets to reveal. The confessions range from brushing biscuit crumbs to not washing their dirty hands before meals. While the kids are guilty of these things, they make a promise along with Godrej protekt of ‘Dirty Hands, Not Anymore’.

This ‘Global Handwashing Day’, the children vow to wash their hands regularly adhering to the advice by their mothers that clean hands are happy hands and happy hands are healthy hands.

Talking about the initiative, Sunil Kataria, Business Head, India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. said, “Nowadays kids have a mind of their own and getting them to do anything against their will is a real task. But you can definitely imbibe the spirit and importance of hand hygiene, hence this ‘Global Handwashing Day’ we took it upon ourselves to start a movement to motivate children to adapt a sanitation process that will ensure happy and clean hands. We have launched a fun digital film based on children confessions that will connect with the kids and at the same time encourage them to wash hands regularly.”

Anu Joseph, Chief Creative Officer, Creativeland Asia added, “Kids don’t really like washing their hands. Unless someone comes along and gives them a perspective that convinces them to. With this campaign, Godrej protekt renews its commitment to making handwashing a fun habit for kids.”


Source: Creativeland Asia





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