VeraEsports Returns With Axie Infinity For 2022 With the GalAxie Cup Professional Esports Tournament

VeraEsports, a competitive Esports and video streaming platform powered by Verasity, returns for another year with leading NFT-based online video game Axie Infinity for the GalAxie Cup 2022. VeraEsports will be the official exclusive broadcaster and official Esports platform partner of the online tournament.

GalAxie Cup 2022 is a professional Axie Infinity Esports tournament held for NFT gaming enthusiasts, part of Axie Infinity’s competitive gaming roadmap for 2022. The tournament commences in March 2022, kicking off with Stage 1 Open Qualifiers. The annual Axie Infinity championship will soon open registration to gamers around the globe, with a 3-stage tournament leading up to the final stage—the GalAxie Cup 2022 in November. 

The online-only event will be exclusively streamed on and, with Verasity’s proprietary VeraPlayer used to broadcast the event on both websites. The event will be used to trial Verasity’s patented Proof of View (PoV) technology, which prevents fraudulent viewership for all types of streamed video content. GalAxie Cup is once again leveraging and integrating Verasity’s patented blockchain technology during their official GalAxie Cup 2022 tournament, in a continuation of a hugely successful partnership during 2021. 

RJ Mark, Founder at VeraEsports, says: 

“We are delighted to embark on another exciting tournament with our friends at Axie Infinity, easily the most exciting and vibrant Esports community in the entire blockchain space. During the GalAxie Cup 2022, we can feed real-time third-party data into Verasity’s Proof of View system to ensure views are verified. We’re looking forward to once again welcoming Axie Infinity’s huge and dedicated fan base to VeraEsports, and showcasing VeraPlayer to the world.” 

A total of 450 AXS will be distributed as a prize pool across the tournament stages with each stage having an open qualifier and playoffs, each with a 150 AXS prize pool. The tournament will also feature Verasity’s Watch and Earn technology, where users will be rewarded just for watching the tournament if they have a VeraWallet account.

Andrew Campbell, Program Lead for Esports and Content Creators at Axie Infinity, says:

“The launch of the GalAxie Cup last year was a huge success and a stepping stone for us to elevate the experience of Axie Esports for our growing community. We are proud to continue extending our investments to further the development of infrastructure that supports Axie Esports. We are very much looking forward to this year’s GalAxie Cup 2022 and are confident it will offer excitement for fans and community from across the globe.”

In addition to VeraEsports’ exclusive broadcast and Esports rights for the GalAxie Cup 2022, viewers will also earn unique rewards that will only be made available through the VeraEsports Rewards Store. Axie Infinity NFTs (AXIES) and $VRA tokens will be available for redemption, along with other exclusive items to be announced. 
To watch and earn during the GalAxie Cup 2022, visit or for more live updates.

Source: Verasity

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