‘What if car insurance wasn’t sh*t?’ Cuvva asks the big questions in new ad campaign from Hell Yeah!

Disruptor car insurance provider, Cuvva has launched its first ad campaign – covering TV, outdoor and online – for its new ‘Smart Pricing’ feature that promises to make car insurance fair and flexible, rewarding and encouraging safe driving. The campaign has been created by agency Hell Yeah!

The TV ad, uses live action combined with animation to showcase Cuvva’s launch of a new feature called Smart Pricing. 

The Cuvva app uses phone sensors and machine learning to produce personalised pricing which can help good drivers save up to a third on standard Cuvva policies. It runs monthly, so customers aren’t locked in and can cancel any time for free.

The ad shows a woman ready to start driving, and receiving a depressing reminder that her car insurance is due just as bird poop lands on the windscreen. She then drifts off into a trippy animated dreamland where she imagines a world where she can pay for her car insurance based on how she drives – not on how other people drive, and can cancel any time. She comes back to earth and her friend in the passenger seat tells her that she can – she just needs to download the Cuvva app. 

Outdoor creative will feature the same hand-drawn cartoon animation, complete with pigeons and a flying dolphin, and will run on sites across the UK, on London transport and national motorway services. Media has been handled by Squadron Venture Media, while animation was created by cult studio, Rave Growl.

Cuvva launched its insurance app in 2016 and has since sold nearly 4 million policies, and supported over half a million people. Cuvva has received notable investment from the likes of RTP Global, LocalGlobe, Breega, Seedcamp, Digital Horizon, Techstars, and Tekton.

Loren Gould, marketing director at Cuvva, said: 
“Since we launched five years ago, we’ve grown fast – 4-5% of all car insurance policies sold monthly in the UK are now sold through the Cuvva app and we’re just getting started. There’s a huge market for car insurance that’s radically better. Most people are sold policies based on how their neighbours drive, or how people in the same job drive and many policies still lock people in for a year.

“Car insurance simply doesn’t reflect the way people live now and we know we’re offering a more tailored approach with the launch of our monthly subscription cover with Smart Pricing. It’s a major launch for us in our growth ambitions, and Hell Yeah! really understood what we needed, how to make it feel like Cuvva and how to show we’re a radically better experience.”

Fiona White, creative director at Hell Yeah! added:
“For the most part we’ve become resigned to a pretty stagnant car insurance industry that doesn’t align with our lifestyle or needs. With this campaign we wanted to inspire people to question the status quo, imagining a magical world where car insurance wasn’t actually sh*t – and a psychedelic dreamland complete with a flying dolphin seemed like the natural setting. 

“We flipped between live action and animation to hit home the point that with Cuvva, this world of flexible, fair and progressive car insurance is very much within reach. We’re excited to see it out there, moving the dial for the Cuvva business and for all those who’ve suffered the indisputable sh*tness of car insurance.”

Source: Hell Yeah!

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