Wunderman Thompson and Bose convert home decibels into discounts

Noise-O-Meter brings noise cancelling savings to loud home offices

In today’s world, Working From Home (WFH) is the new normal for millions of office workers. Many are winning the daily productivity battle in their home offices. But not all home offices are equally quiet. Often times, the volume levels indoors can make a busy street sound soothing. 

So striking a pleasing note, Bose is taking a unique approach to offering savings on its newest noise cancelling headphones: The louder your home office, the bigger your discount. 

Noise-O-Meter, developed by Wunderman Thompson Dubai and launched today in the UAE, measures ambient noise levels and instantaneously converts the decibels into discount coupons. 

Pablo Maldonado, Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Dubai, explains: “Unwelcome decibels are everywhere, from the whooshing hairdryer to that rattling washing machine and those boisterous neighbours. We wanted people to have some fun even as they save more and bring the calm inside. What makes Noise-O-Meter extra rewarding for us is the fact that it was dreamt up and brought to life from our home offices!”

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 ushered in a new era in audio technology. So it’s fitting that the agency engineered a first—of-its-kind algorithm for interpreting sound data. Thus, offering Bose fans a playful, and rewarding, way to get their hands on these unrivalled headphones.

Source: Wunderman Thompson

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