Wunderman Thompson UK and Duracell challenge football fans to keep up with the Duracell Bunny

Wunderman Thompson UK has partnered with Duracell to bring football fans a unique social game to show off the power of Duracell batteries. 


Show us your Keepy Uppy skills and duet with Bunny for at least 10 seconds for a chance to win! Enter via link in bio. #BunnyKeepyUppy

♬ original sound – Duracell

Duracell’s Optimum batteries provide superior performance, offering either Extra Power or up to 200% extra life for your devices.  To promote their benefits, Duracell has launched a competitive TikTok game that taps into the biggest fixture of the sporting calendar and showcases the longevity of the brand’s Optimum batteries at the same time.

Wunderman Thompson UK, the integrated marketing agency, has created an interactive social campaign with a twist to demonstrate the long-lasting energy of Duracell’s Optimum batteries, and the never-ending energy of the Duracell Bunny through an online game.

The game will challenge fans to ‘keep up’ with the Duracell Bunny, while showing off their skills; fans will play ‘keepy uppy’ against the Bunny using TikTok’s duet function and, if they manage to keep their ball in the air for more than 10 seconds, they can enter into a prize draw to win a variety of football-related prizes, including a VIP hospitality experience, and a UK stadium tour.

The game launches today on TikTok, and will run throughout the World Cup tournament until 18th December, supported by activity across Sky Sports, YouTube and paid social. Those who play will also be encouraged to share their results using #BunnyKeepyUppy.

Marco Montanaro, Associate Marketing Director for Duracell, said: “As the world gears up to watch the World Cup this November, the Duracell Bunny is doing some high-energy preparation of his own… on TikTok! There’s no beating the Bunny’s long-lasting power, but there are some great prizes to be won if you try!”

Jason Berry, Creative Director for Wunderman Thompson UK, added: “TikTok and the Bunny were made for each other and, with the beautiful game on everyone’s minds, this is the perfect opportunity to give people of all ages the chance to win a prize and have some football fun.” 


Business Director: Kelli Nelson

Senior Account Director: Victoria Riggio

Global Creative Director: Jason Berry

Senior Creatives: Charli Plant & Laura Saraiva

Strategists: Rosanna Beasley & James Treen

Producer: Charley Woodall

Senior Creative Producer:  Katie Oldfield

Source: Wunderman Thompson UK

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