And/Or Designs and Animates Halsey Videos for Spotify

Creative production studio And/Or has created original videos for Spotify’s enhanced version of best-selling pop musician Halsey’s new album, Manic.

In the two short videos, And/Or captures both the singer’s public persona and her private, inner world. The videos give listeners an intimate 360° view of the artist’s work and life that bridges the universal experience of the album with the exclusivity and insider benefits of being a Spotify listener.

Both sides now

For the album release of Halsey’s ‘Manic,’ Spotify wanted to create two videos that showcased the different sides of the artist and used her real words and images to give the effect of a note to fans.

The challenge was to create two distinct looks for each video that really captured the artist in two very different iterations, one that communicated a powerful message about her identity to fans and gives listeners the chance to feel closer to her.

For And/Or, this was an opportunity to use their expertise in graphic design and animation to create something contemporary and culturally-relevant that channels a balance of their own aesthetic with Halsey’s art and personality.

Inside out

Kelli Miller, Creative Director and Partner, And/Or says: “Halsey is a visual artist as well as a musician, so she provided some of the assets we used, as well as the script. Our challenge was to create something that felt personal, like it was coming from her, while still making sure each piece laddered up to Halsey’s contemporary aesthetic and vibe.”

The first video, “Ashley” was inspired by Halsey’s real name and her inner world. To introduce fans to this intimate portrait of the woman behind Halsey’s work, And/Or created a look and feel that was introspective and personal. The video uses line illustrations, a muted color palette, and hand drawn type, almost as if a page from her diary came to life.

The second video, “Halsey,” was inspired by Halsey’s public persona, and uses a brighter color palette, eye-catching type treatments, and modern collage elements. Both videos use the same script, a message written by the artist to her fans about what inspired her album.

Plugged-in approach

The new work for Halsey is not And/Or’s first project for Spotify. This past October, it created videos for the brand’s Halloween campaign using archival footage of iconic artists including Janet Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

This new work for Spotify on Halsey’s manic brings the same sense of playfulness and cultural relevancy to a contemporary subject, and sees And/Or continue to bring its plugged-in approach and unique aesthetic to branded content for Spotify.

Source: And/Or

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