Aramark’s ‘TAKE15’ campaign aims to improve mental wellbeing in workplaces

A healthy workforce is a happier and more productive workforce. Aramark is reminding people about the importance of minding their mental wellbeing with its TAKE15 campaign as part of World Mental Health Day.

One in six will experience mental health issues in the workplace and TAKE15 is Aramark’s annual month-long campaign that aims to address this by encouraging both employers and employees across the UK and Ireland to take short breaks during their working day.

Aramark Northern Europe employs over 18,000 people directly and provides food services to hundreds of workplaces across Northern Europe. The company is encouraging employees, clients and customers to take part in a month long TAKE15 campaign. The goal is to get people to take time out away from computers, phones and emails, and to reconnect with their colleagues. Evidence has shown that connecting with family, friends and colleagues is important to mental wellbeing.

Alan Quinlan, Aramark’s Health and Wellness Ambassador said: “When I played rugby for Munster and Ireland it was obvious to me how important physical activity is for your mental health. It’s good that we are now being more open about our mental health but, there is still a long way to go. That’s why I’m delighted to be part of Aramark’s Health and Wellness month again this year and I hope that everyone will join in the #TAKE15 campaign.”

Elbha Purcell, Head of Dietetics and Wellbeing for Aramark Northern Europe said: “Anyone can suffer from mental or emotional health problems. Over the past few years, people have become far more conscious of the importance of mental health in the work and study environment and as a result more focused on incorporating tools into their daily routines to help develop their mental and emotional resilience. With this in mind we developed our 2018 campaign to focus on mindfulness exercises, along with the importance of a healthy diet and providing practical tips on how to take 15.”

Frank Gleeson, President Aramark Northern Europe said: “Aramark are encouraging all their clients and customers to take part in their TAKE15 campaign. The goal is to take time out to reconnect with people and look after your own mental health. We are dedicated to helping our teams and customers to make positive changes to their lifestyle so that they improve their wellbeing. Our mission is to enrich and nourish lives and we understand that a healthy workforce is a happier and more productive workforce. When employees take breaks at work, they become less fatigued and have more energy. Short breaks also increase our ability to focus and problem solve, reducing stress levels so it makes sense for everyone to Take 15 minutes to relax and clear their head during the day. We’re thrilled with the level of support from our clients for Take15 – our annual campaign has been growing every year as health and wellbeing becomes embedded in the work place.”

Source: Aramark

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