BT and Wunderman Thompson highlight immersive learning environments in “The Future is Now” campaign

Wunderman Thompson’s latest instalment of “The Future is Now” campaign highlights the transformation of learning in schools and the workplace, with BT playing a crucial role in making it possible.

Picture a classroom where children can go swimming with sharks or come face-to-face with a lion on safari. This is no ordinary classroom. These experiences are now possible via Interactive Immersive Classroom, which provides content that can be projected 360-degrees across four walls from its servers. Its technology enables schools to make their own 3D animations, allowing students to step onto a spaceship or take a fantastic journey through the human body in the bloodstream.

Interactive Immersive Classroom also provides cameras for schools, enabling teachers to create their own content, alongside a custom app where teachers can select and create lessons. This content and immersive environment is powered by EE’s 5G network, which streams content hosted on Interactive Immersive Classroom’s cloud-based networks direct to the classroom.

Presented by journalist and broadcaster Steph McGovern, “The Future is Now” highlights how technology is transforming education, bringing what could be difficult for kids to imagine or not possible for them to experience, to life. It demonstrates the extent to which 5G, cloud and broadband can take learning to a whole new level.

Steph introduces viewers to Craig Potterton, head of creative development at Interactive Immersive Classroom, who explains how the technology works and how the content is delivered at the touch of a button. Steph also speaks with Jill Woodward, education and families manager at North Lanarkshire Council, the first council in Scotland to invest in an immersive classroom.

This immersive environment, powered by BT, is also enabling learning to be transformed in the workplace. Helen Slinger, director of education at BT, explains how digital transformation is making the workplace more efficient. Helen says the cloud is essential, with cloud-based apps being used as key building blocks. The immersive classroom can create realistic environments that would otherwise be costly and impractical, for example, they can simulate fire drill training, emergency evacuation procedures on oil rigs and scenarios within a military setting. This means employees can be trained in a way that is practical, scalable and safe.

Helen highlights how businesses have had to rethink established practices and adopt a more hybrid style of working. With the right equipment, security and connectivity, people can work seamlessly and flexibly.

The campaign positions the brand as the right partner to support learning in schools and in the workplace, making education accessible for all and paving the way for a more hybrid working future.

Wunderman Thompson’s campaign continues to show the potential of technology while reinforcing BT’s strong partnership and credentials as a technology company beyond traditional connectivity. 

BT’s “The Future is Now” campaign is deployed in multiple channels. As well as the long form film, there are teasers and trailers for digital advertising that tell the story of BT’s three pillars: flexibility, security and efficiency.


Chief Creative Officer: Steve Aldridge
Creative Director: Paul Snoxell
Head of Art: Guy Sexty
Creatives: Chris Jones & Kell Lunam-Cowan

Chief Client Officer: Matt Steward 
Managing Partner: James Irvine
Business Director: Elrike Lochner
Senior Account Manager: Alice Mercer
Strategy Partner: Martin Harrison
Strategy Director: Krystel Baeza
Film and Photography Producer: Zoe Waller
Senior Project Manager: Suzanne Moules
Production Company: Curious Productions 

Media: Essence

Source: Wunderman Thompson

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