Buddy’s Branding,Graphic Design and Packaging for Algebra Drinks

Algebra Drinks are obsessed with making simply beautiful drinks, their Extra Dry Coffee Liqueur is made from aged Caribbean Rum, freshly ground coffee and unrefined cane sugar and nothing else. The brand’s name Algebra is from Medieval Latin and Arabic meaning ‘reunion, connection, blending’.

Buddy developed the core Algebra ‘A’ drop monogram and framed this onto the shoulder of an amber 50cl pharmaceutical bottle to structurally stand-out. We created a mathematically precise tessellating pattern for the brand born out of the ‘A’ monogram and representative of the precise combination of ingredients; asymmetrically printed and embossed this onto a striking blue sash label and angled it to ensure the vertical cut of the pattern through the label sat directly beneath ‘A’ monogram.

The result – a precise, iconic, distinctive, sophisticated brand and bottle that is representative of Algebra’s obsessive perfectionism.

“We are thrilled with our new pack design for our extra dry coffee liqueur. Before we reached out to Buddy we only had a bottle, a bare-bones logo in our A monogram… and a burning desire for the pack to match our stunning liquid. Driven by their usual flair – and probably fuelled by some of our liquid – they brought those two elements together beautifully. We love the design’s simplicity, which turns boldness into elegance.”Yves Cosentino, Founder, Algebra Drinks

SourceBuddy & FAB News

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