Chevrolet provides help to Mexican people during the biggest hydrocarbon crisis

After government measures for the control of fuel theft by organised crime in Mexico, different gas stations have been closed, generating panic buying, long queues and the largest shortage of gasoline in history in the country. 

The lack of information about the closure of gas stations also turned out to be a great problem; the affected people didn’t know where there was gas and wasted their last drops of gasoline looking for more gasoline. 

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Chevrolet, along with Commonwealth// McCann México, went on the streets with the brand experience called “The electric helper,” their first 100% electric car, helping drivers, means of transport and emergency services to find gasoline.

This car traveled the zones with gas stations and through #Reportegas in Twitter shared in real time information detailed about kind of gasoline available, maximum load and waiting time of supply of it. People decided the road of the car and got the reports of their zones through Twitter and also by Instagram stories.

“Bolt EV became a live demo that showed its autonomy during 48hrs driving 383 kms with just one charge and managed to be national trending topic and with 43 millions of people grateful for this unique activation” said Alfredo Alquicira, VP creative of McCann Worldgroup Mexico. “Under adverse conditions such as the ones we are facing, we got our clients ´brands to be relevant not only with their audiences but with an entire society that is being affected by the gas crisis and to bring greater visibility to new options of transport that are more sustainable.”

Source: Commonwealth// McCann México

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