Coming “Out-of-Home” on National Coming Out Day

In honour of National Coming Out Day on October 11, Egale – Canada’s leading organization for LGBTQI2S people and issues – worked with Cossette and Cossette Media to give three Canadians the opportunity to come out in a bold and unforgettable way: on giant billboards across the Greater Toronto Area.

The campaign, entitled Coming Out Loud, ran from October 5 to 11 and celebrated those who had decided to come out to a loved one, while raising awareness around the difficulties of coming out as part of the LGBTQI2S community. To share this important message, Cossette created billboards, which included each participants’ coming out story; as well as micro-sites, which directed to behind-the-scenes videos and Egale’s educational resources.

“Creating content around sensitive topics is often a challenge, and coming out as part of the LGBTQI2S community is a difficult topic to breach,” said Craig McIntosh, Executive Creative Director at Cossette. “It’s not everyday where we can help someone come out to their loved ones, and if this work was able to help even one person find the strength and live their truth, we view it as an overwhelming success.” 

To bring the campaign to life, Cossette Media enlisted help from Pattison, Outfront, UB Media, AllVision and Bell Media to strategically place the billboards in areas where the participants’ loved ones would be sure to see them. Additionally, the integrated campaign amplified the story through Social Media, Influencer Relations and Media Relations. 

“Everyone has a unique experience and set of circumstances that determines how they live as their authentic self,” says Helen Kennedy, Executive Director at Egale. “Coming out to your loved ones is never a one-size-fits-all process, and the aim of this campaign was to not only celebrate those that decided to come out, but to signal to the community that Egale is here to support those who need it.”


Clients: Egale Canada

Executive Director: Helen Kennedy

Director, Communications and Public Relations: Jennifer Boyce

Digital Marketing Coordinator: Jonathan Cafarelli

Agency: Cossette

Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi

Executive Creative Director(s): Craig McIntosh, Jaimes Zentil

Creative Director(s): Julia Morra, Anthony Atkinson

Senior Art Director: Anton Mwewa

Senior Copywriter: Alexandra Bonder

Creative Director, Design: Mark Neil Balson

Studio Director: Dawn-Marie Mills

Business Director: Kylie Pinder 

Account Executive: Vallerie Traitses

Senior Strategist: Chelito Rubio

Vice President, Marketing and Communications: Stacey Masson

Manager, External Communications: Justin Furman

Public Relations Project Manager: Christine Achampong

Community Manager: Rachel Ruby

Media: Cossette Media

Strategy Director: Alessia Grosso

Director Connections Strategy: Tim Beach

SVP Buying: Diane Devries

Production House: Soda

Producer: Haley Stefan 

Director: Nick Hall-Wood

Editor: Mike Colangelo

Production Assistant: Christian Byrne

Production Assistant: Scott Savoy

Sound Recordist: Nathan Street

Production House: Westside Studio

Photographer: Nikki Ormerod

Producer: Christa Michelle

Digital Tech: Bryan Ulrich

Camera Assistant(s): Peter Olson and Yann Garcia

Set Designer: Caitlin Doherty

Hair/Makeup Stylist: Taylor Savage

Casting: Milo Casting

Editing House: Rooster

Editor: Christina Humphries

Producer: Alanna Homuth

Audio House: Berkeley Inc.

Creative Director: Jared Kuemper

Executive Producer: Tyna Maerzke

VFX: The Vanity 

Producer: Kayla Baxter

Flame Artist: Kaelem Cahill 

Source: Cossette

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