Creatives Turn Donald Trump’s Face into a Typeface

Inspired by a custard toupee, the skin of an orange, and an orifice widely believed to be a mouth, Trumpface is a typeface made with Donald Trump’s face.

The typeface is now available to download for use on Microsoft Word and Powerpoint – perfect to spice up those Monday morning presentations. As well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for those who want more creative freedom.

To promote the font, the creative team of Miguel Sousa, Sophie Browness and Mia Silverman, created a suite of posters based on some of Trump’s most famous quotes and sayings. Hopefully inspiring people to write their own messages, create posters, signs, protest banners, petitions, anything they want – all in time for Trump’s visit to the UK in July.

“We wanted every glyph to be a character in itself, created with elements of Trump’s face. We had fun with it to make them all different, some you have to rotate to find the face, others are more abstract for example the ‘i’ is but a lone toupee blowing in the wind. However people choose to use it, if you have something to say to Trump, say it in Trumpface,” said the creative team in their release.

This is a personal project with no affiliation to the creative’s employers, clients or any political parties, in the UK or elsewhere.

Source: Trumpface

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