Cuhu launches app to help with lockdown mental health issues

Mobile and web app development agency, Cuhu, part of the Inc & Co group collective, has launched an innovative new app to challenge negative mental health, addictions, anxiety and stress.  

Manchester-based digital agency Cuhu has worked with qualified therapists to develop Orpheus. Orpheus has been specially designed to rapidly and effectively help the mental health of its users. It is not a mindfulness or meditation app, but targets unwanted negative emotions like stress, grief, guilt, and can also help with cravings and compulsions.

Tristian Swan, Head of Agency at Cuhu, says “Orpheus Mind Technologies approached us with a vision; to blend audio and technology together to combat negative emotions, compulsions and phobias.”

“We developed the app as a PWA (progressive web app) as it offers more creative options for development. It runs in the user’s browser, meaning it won’t take up precious storage space. Orpheus has gone from an idea to improve mental health, to a solution that is challenging the healthcare industry. It is the perfect example of how technology can be used for good.”  

Cuhu undertook a soft launch in February 2020 with a view to developing the app further by using real users’ experiences and feedback. It has been tested with frontline NHS workers to help them with anxiety and stress in their job during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following this, Cuhu has added a targeted module for people who are concerned about the impact of coronavirus or are struggling with anxiety during the lockdown.

‘My mind felt a lot clearer and I felt more in control of my emotions, which helped me a lot at work and at home. At the time I felt stressed and anxious and now that’s totally gone!’Assistant Practitioner working in a GP Practice

Cuhu is part of the digital business collective, Inc & Co, headed by Group CEO Jack Mason. He says, “Many people are worried about the coronavirus and lockdown, including our employees, so we decided to roll out Orpheus to all our staff across the group to help them take care of their mental health.” 

“Cuhu are doing great things in the digital technology arena and creating fantastic mobile apps for clients. This product development shows how we can use technology to do good.”  

Created by school friends, David Jay and Peter Owen, and built by Cuhu, Orpheus will change the way people can tackle mental health issues by blending together technology and audio.

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