DECIDE provided visual identity for P&G, Superdrug and Marie Curie’s #FeelSuper campaign

In honour of a successful three-year partnership between Procter & Gamble brands, beauty retailer Superdrug and charitable organisation Marie Curie, creative marketing agency DECIDE developed the #FeelSuper campaign.

DECIDE was tasked with assessing the current in-store environment in Superdrug and proposing a new visual identity that not only spotlights the key brand ambassadors, Frankie and Marvin, but also fits with Superdrug and Marie Curie equities, all whilst looking fresh, modern and appealing to the typical Superdrug shopper.

#FeelSuper encourages shoppers to purchase products from Marie Curie displays or with a Marie Curie logo as P&G will donate £0.04 to the charity for every purchase.

Source: DECIDE

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