Diversity In Organisations Is Valued Above Competitive Salaries For Entry-Level Talent

Research from Brixton Finishing School and The ADcademy’s alumni reveals soaring demand for inclusive workplaces across adland and follows new nationwide OOH outreach campaign

New Brixton Finishing School research taken from a snapshot poll of approximately 100 recent students and graduates of their programs has revealed that this year’s entry-level job seekers value the diversity of an organisation’s current employees above competitive salaries and career progression paths. 

When asked what they value most from a potential employer, 71% of students value the diversity of the organisation’s current employees. The figure rose to 76% among non-white respondents. Some 67% of students value strong training programmes and 58% value a competitive salary. 

Reflecting on the Industry as a whole: 

  • Furthermore, 39% of the respondents who are non-white have experienced racial discrimination in the workplace at the start of their careers. 

And 45% of all those surveyed have witnessed discrimination based on race in the industry.

Brixton Finishing School founder Ally Owen commented: “Adland can’t stop talking about the talent crunch – and our alumni are giving the clearest sign yet that a diverse workforce is what will win through. To all the organisations doing the hard graft around this, you’re winning, to any of the others who still treat diversity as a tick-box exercise and demonstrate performative practises, the next generation of talent have given their verdict on you.”

Owen concluded: “it is critical that we address the experiences of entry-level talent in their early years in the industry. The fact that more than half of those entering the industry is witnessing or directly experiencing discrimination is unacceptable.”

The research coincides with a significant nationwide OOH campaign launched this week, with support from Clear Channel UK, Mail Metro Media, Meta and ADYOULIKE. 

ADcademy alumni Larisa Wong, Samuel Igwe and Emmanuella Owusu-Ansah are front and centre of the campaign to promote the ADcademy’s 2022 programme. The creative was developed by Keda Bamber, a 2020 graduate of Brixton Finishing School, now working as an in-house designer, and Mother London.

Richard Bon – UK MD & Europe Commercial Lead, Clear Channel Europe, said: 

“Clear Channel is proud to support the ADcademy 2022 programme. Clear Channel has been inspired by and greatly benefited from our longstanding BFS partnership. The survey findings should serve to remind everyone why greater diversity is not just right, it’s essential in attracting talent. Glad we can play a small part.” 

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