Do The Right Thing: We Are Social report examines the role of social in Covid-19

We Are Social, the global socially-led creative agency network, has launched Do The Right Thing: The Role of Social In Covid-19 – a report examining best practices for brands on social media during this global crisis.

The report, available to download here, looks at how consumer needs and behaviours are changing due to the impact of the coronavirus and resulting lockdown, and explores social media’s role to play in helping brands to stay relevant and present in the lives of their consumers. It will share how brands can act now as well as plan for the future.

The agency has gathered insights from its teams in multiple markets all over the globe to share how brands can best communicate during different phases of the pandemic.

Mobbie Nazir, chief strategy officer, We Are Social, said: “Social media’s role in people’s lives has changed hugely in the last few weeks, with the coronavirus forcing a significant proportion of the world into lockdown. People are reaching out through social media for guidance, ideas, distraction and comfort, and brands can have a role in providing these. 

“With this report, we wanted to not only talk about the changing landscape, but also the practical ways that brands can engage with their communities. From content creation, working with influencers to paid media and more, the report demonstrates how to serve and support communities, through advice and best practice examples. Brands now need to do that thing all content strategies say we should do – to be human.”

The report covers aspects such as the role of community management during the crisis, how brands can best work with influencers and content creators, and more. Click here to download the full report.

Source: We Are Social

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