ENGINE Creative takes Churchill to the funfair to demonstrate a new claims service that helps customers keep their chill should life come to a stop

ENGINE Creative takes Churchill to the funfair for a serene ride in the latest TV spot for the insurance brand. The spot is a reminder of the chill that Churchill helps customers to feel, even when there’s a hump in life’s road.

The campaign highlights Churchill’s immediate expenses payment which helps smooth the way for customers if things go south. Churchie, the company’s famous canine mascot, navigates these issues with his satisfying sense of calm. 

The ad, directed by Sam Pilling through Pulse Films, opens at the top of a big, colourful funfair slide. Churchie’s head is seen peering over the top as he starts to slide slowly downward, his face a picture of contentment. The shots pan to show children queuing up and whooshing down the slide around him as he takes things at his own relaxed pace. 

As he approaches a hump in the slide he starts to slow. He’s not bothered by this and we see his relaxed expression as his face ripples and he almost reaches a complete standstill. The voiceover  says, “Should life come to a stop, we’ll give you up to £100 for immediate expenses, so you can keep things moving. Oh yes. Chill…Churchill.”

Churchie slows almost to a complete stop, but (satisfyingly) he gets over the hump and continues.

He builds up speed, sliding in his relaxed manner, looking supremely chilled. It’s enormously peaceful and soothing to watch. The camera pans out to show a fairground scene with lots of twinkling lights. 

Leon Jaume, Executive Creative Director, ENGINE Creative says, 

“In his latest outing, Churchie, the guru of chill, shows us how to iron out life’s unexpected bumps. An untroubled glide down a fairground slide, tenderly brought to life by Sam Pilling’s direction and Untold’s mastery of post, is a welcome moment of serenity in an uncertain world.”

Kirsty Hoad, Business Manager at Churchill Insurance says, 

“We understand that times are extremely tough for many, which is why when life does come to a stop, we want to be there to support our customers. Our new campaign, which launches our immediate claims payment message, we hope will go a little way to showing how we provide our customers with what they need, when they need it most. 

“We want our customers to know that when they’re insured with Churchill, we’re on their side and our new campaign, and its creative, helps us to showcase how we’re doing just that. With Churchie at the heart, we hope customers can help find that moment of Chill, whilst we sort the rest for them.”

Source: ENGINE Creative

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