Every Electric Socket In The World Becomes An Exclusive Gateway To The Volvo’s C40

The launch of the pure electric Volvo transforms the outlets, an ordinary object, into the brand’s icon of electrification and a new media channel to introduce the model firsthand.

Surprising but feels inevitable: to discover Volvo’s all-electric model, the C40 Recharge, all it takes is to direct the camera of a cell phone towards any electric socket to access the world of electrification. The idea, created by Grey Brazil and Grey New York, reframes the meaning of the electric socket and allows the public to get to know the attributes of the new Volvo from an interactive and completely immersive VR experience. Once “inside the socket”, the public will be able to discover easter eggs, customize the car, schedule a test drive and even buy the C40 Recharge. And, at first, it’s the only way to get it.

“To launch Volvo’s first Pure Electric model, we needed an idea that was simple. As simple as plugging your car into the electric socket, making electrification even closer to the consumer and turning the socket into a brand icon” explains João Caetano Brasil, executive creative director at Grey Brazil.

To get access to the all-electric experience, a social, digital and influencer campaign invites the consumer to a link where it is possible to authorize the use of their camera and gyroscope. The camera reads the shot, as if it were a QR Code, and gives access to the VR experience in which the car presents itself to people. Thereafter, the electric socket will remain a hub for Volvo media and services, accessible anywhere and in which, entertainment, informational content, services and even gamified promotions are added to enhance the virtual reality experiences.

Volvo is recognized for initiatives that encourage electrification globally and owns the largest number of charging stations for electric cars in Brazil. The C40 Recharge campaign – which presents the car throughout the Americas – not only introduces the model to potential drivers, but also brings them closer to the sustainable market of electrification, demystifying this universe and solving possible doubts. 

To access the experience, type www.c40showroom.com on your phone.


Brand: Volvo Cars

Product: C40 Recharge

Clients: Rafael Hugo, Vivianne Gonçalves, Andressa Fernandes

Creative studios: Grey Brazil & NY

President&CCO: Luciana Rodrigues

ECD: João Caetano Brasil

Head of Business: Rafael Morettini

Head of Strategy and Data: Mariana Pagano

Creative Director: Tomas Correa

Copywriter: Lucas Saicali

Art Director: Lucas Succi, George Moro

Planners: Mariana Pagano, Danilo Ueno.

Account Team: Mariana Zavanella, Carlos Barnabé.

Media Team: Camila Mercadante, Thiago Kanada.

Agency Senior Producer: Ricardo Magozo, Thais Possatti.

Agency Assistant Producer: Viviane Dias.

Production Company: Media Dub.

PR Company: Inside Out.

Events Company: Casulo

Source: Grey

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