Heinz Innovates with Ad Printed on Bacon to Launch its New Ketchup Flavour in Brazil

Heinz is launching in Brazil its Caramelised Onion & Bacon Ketchup and to speak directly to those crazy for this delicacy, ad agency Africa and the Kraft Heinz Company decided to use the medium bacon lovers love the most: the bacon itself.

Taking advantage of International Bacon Day, celebrated earlier this month, a fun and tasty action distributed in food trucks pieces of the “tastier ad in the world”: edible bacon strips marked with an exclusive iron bar at high temperature ‘HEINZ BACON’S ARRIVED’ to launch the product.

In partnership with burger places some sandwiches they sold during Bacon Day week also displayed the bacon ad, helping to promote the arrival of the new Heinz Bacon.


Title: Bacon Ad
Agency: Africa
Country: Brazil
Client: Heinz
Product: Caramelized Onion & Bacon Ketchup
CCO: Sergio Gordilho
ECD: Otavio Schiavon
Creative Directors: Alvin Shiguefuzi, Marilu Rodrigues & Paulo Medeiros (Feijao)
Copywriter: Diego Ferrite
Art Director: Caio Gandolfi
Client Services: Marcio Santoro, Paula Coelho, Mariana Ferreira & Gabriel Naccarato
Media: Luiz Fernando Vieira, Francisco Custodio, William Aveiro, Tatiana Akemi & Bianca Navega
Planning: Rodrigo Maroni, Aldo Pini, Fernanda Valeria, Daniela Ferrari & Marilia Ramos
Special Projects: Monique Lima, Juliana Leite & Isabela Levy
Client Approval: Isabella Rizzo, Thiago Rapp & Mariana Brandi

Source: Africa

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