Invibes’ Interactive Display formats are generating attention more effectively versus comparators, Lumen UK study finds

“Invibes delivers attention by giving consumers advertising experiences they actually want, whilst proudly supporting robust journalism.” – Caroline Lidington, Managing Director - UK, Invibes Advertising

Invibes Advertising, an advanced technology company specialising in digital in-feed advertising, worked alongside leading attention partner, Lumen, to test the effectiveness of Invibes’ diverse product portfolio in the UK market.

The evolution of digital media in recent years has acted as a catalyst for renewed innovation in the advertising industry of late. Yet it has not been without its challenges and subsequently, there has been increasing speculation surrounding the optimum way to evaluate and measure, true marketing effectiveness. In the midst of the discussion, the idea of using ‘attention’ as an efficient metric for measurement has been a favoured topic. As a result, there is continued debate into the interpretation of attention and ultimately, the potential value gained from shifting focus towards optimising for attention. 

As a pioneering player within the ad space ecosystem, Invibes is continually innovating and transforming the way in which consumers interact with brands through its creative in-feed formats. Alongside leading attention partner Lumen, Invibes sought to uncover evidential authority on why its in-feed formats offer brands an eye-catching offer they can’t turn away from.

With Lumen, Invibes commissioned a study to evaluate the attentive efficiencies of Invibes formats compared to standard display. 
The study included a nationally representative sample of 600 adults living in the UK. Respondents were exposed to an in-context digital environment on either desktop or mobile where their devices acted as an eye-tracker. By devising a live digital testing environment, this allowed respondents to actively scroll, view and click in a native setting. 

Findings confirmed 100% viewability measured across all Invibes ad formats (19% better than the comparative Lumen norm), which is pivotal in establishing baseline levels of attention. Invibes formats were more effective at driving attention, successfully converting opportunity to view to share actually viewed. This result was strongest amongst Invibes’ Interactive Display formats, where these formats were twice as likely to convert eyes on attention vs. viewability compared to the digital display norm across both mobile and desktop. 

Invibes’ star format was undoubtedly the Invibes Reveal, doubling the number of attentive seconds than standard display and even outperforming Facebook’s static display equivalent.

The results of the Lumen research also highlighted the influence of attention when it comes to driving brand measurement outcomes, where eyes on attention equated to more favourable brand recall. Invibes’ efficiency at encouraging engagement with the advert through attentive time spent suggests that it has the potential to increase brand recall compared to standardised formats. The Invibes Revealformat was found to be the most effective, especially for top-of-mind recall. 

The research truly reflects the effectiveness and dynamism of Invibes formats compared with the norm. These findings are especially pertinent given the current environment where priorities are shifting to levels of attentive viewing. To ensure continued focus on this important metric, Invibes has collaborated with Lumen to create a bespoke and custom tag (LAMP) which will effectively measure attention across 
in-feed formats and will provide quality and unrivalled campaign performance analysis for brands. This will only further substantiate Invibes’ position as a superior digital advertising partner for driving attentive engagement and as an advocate for those seeking to optimise towards attention. 

Source: Lumen

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