Let’s Just Agree it Tastes Gorgeous – Leith Launch Latest Campaign for IRN BRU

IRN-BRU kicks off its 2022 taste debate with film parody campaign. Creative agency Leith tickle the tastebuds with two new cheeky shorts. 360 campaign launched by media agency the7Stars

Off the back of the successful “Taste Debate”  campaign that ran last year, the Scottish carbonated soft drink IRN-BRU and the fully-integrated creative agency, Leith launch today two new films that focus on the authentic flavours of Scotland’s much-loved beverage. The campaign comically reflects on the ambiguity of IRN-BRU’s taste, which in itself contributes to it’s infamy as a brand – no one can agree upon the exact flavour, but, everyone can agree that it’s delicious!

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director at AG Barr “There’s so much fun to be had with the unique flavour that is IRN-BRU, fans globally cannot agree on the taste that makes it so special – whether you’re a prom date, or a mobster. Whatever the situation, we can all at least agree that IRN-BRU tastes phenomenal.”

2022 sees IRN-BRU once again inject humour into this year’s hero campaign by paying tribute to famous film genres. Last year saw the brand tackle the Western, with the great taste debate triggering an all-out saloon brawl. This year, the debate expands to the Teen Romance and Gangster genres, demonstrating that the taste of IRN-BRU is still as illusive in the fictional world as it is in reality.

Owain Cowx, Account Director, Leith commented: “We know that people can agree on the fact they love BRU but when you ask them to describe how it tastes, it’s a different story. We’re delighted to work with IRN-BRU on this latest instalment of the story.”

‘Prom’ opens with a young man waiting for his prom date at the bottom of the staircase, whilst her proud father waits, camera in hand, to capture the special moment. As she descends the stairs, her date declares “You look prettier than a can of IRN-BRU”, to which she replies “Oh, how I love its cream soda taste”, sparking a family-wide debate over the taste of IRN-BRU. By the end of the 30’ spot, her date has run off to the dance with her grandmother and the ad ends with the tagline “LET’S JUST AGREE IT TASTES GORGEOUS”.

In the second spot, ‘Mob’, three nefarious gangsters smugly conceal the loser of an IRN-BRU taste debate within the boot of their car. The carpet rolled corpse comes to reflect the soon-to-be fate of the third gangster, after he states that IRN-BRU tastes like ‘tutti frutti’. With two members wrapped in carpet, the outcome of the great taste debate comes with high stakes in this spot, ending with the caption, “LET’S JUST AGREE IT TASTES BELLISSIMO”

Created by Leith, Scotland’s number one creative agency and the agency of record for IRN-BRU, the 360’ campaign airs from Thursday 10th March across TV, social channels and online. All media was planned and bought by the UK’s largest independent media agency, the7stars. The multi-channel approach reflects the numerous touchpoints that IRN-BRU’s target audience consume during their media day. This campaign focuses on channels that harness the talkability of the BRU factor – be that across social channels, podcasts or in attention-grabbing out of home placements.

Emma Ramji, Account Director, the7Starscommented, “Recognising how our core target audience consume video content, we’ve focused on evolving IRN-BRU’s AV strategy to reflect the changing landscape. We’ve had loads of fun bringing the taste debate to life, whilst playing in contexts that resonate with this younger audience: be that sports, comedy or gaming.”

The campaigns had the award-winning German cinematographer, Fabian Wagner as DOP. Well-known for his work on stand-out TV shows such as ‘Ashes to Ashes’, Spooks and Hustle, he is best recognised for his work on Sherlock and Game of Thrones, which earned him two Creative Arts Emmy Award nominations.

This latest campaign airs from Thursday 10th March at 2pm GMT across TV, social channels and online.

‘Prom’ will be airing as a double-feature, with a second film, ‘Mob’ capturing a typical American mobster moment where a ‘disagreement’ kicks off when some henchmen disagree on the taste of BRU.  

SourceLeith & FAB News

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