Looklet launches virtual “Dressing Room” for fashion retailers’ customers to style garments online

This revolutionary technology allows consumers to style garments on a broad variety of body shapes to visualize how garments and styles would look on them.

Looklet, a technology innovator for fashion retailers’ image production, is launching a new product that allows customers to style and mix and match clothes virtually with the highest quality imagery. Their Dressing Room leverages all of Looklet’s core image rendering tech, along with their AI and 3D systems to create high-quality and colour-accurate imagery. The next version of the Dressing Room will enable the consumer to capture an image and data of themselves directly from their smartphone for styling.

“This initiative has been in the works for a while, and the whole team is overjoyed by its launch,” said Adam Berg, CEO and Co-founder of Looklet. “The technology that we’ve curated over the years makes this virtual dressing room the most realistic and unparalleled choice for retailers. This is all created through an efficient high-volume image production process, products shot with the Looklet studio are available for the Dressing Room immediately after processing within a 6-hour turnaround time. It really is a thrilling new way to utilize fashion technology.”

Founded in 2009 in Stockholm, Looklet is a technology for fashion retailers’ e-commerce image production. With Looklet’s custom photo studios and styling software, retailers and brands have the flexibility of dynamic merchandising, while using real models. Looklet shoots these models, digitizes them, and puts them into the system so their clients can style products. They offer a photo solution for fashion e-commerce players without in-person models or photographers. The Dressing Room product utilizes similar software in a front-end version to replace their models with imagery of customers.

Robert Ahlborg, Co-founder & CPO, comments on the customer’s experience with the software: “The possibility to realistically see the styles and garments on yourself or similar body type gives a new level of confidence and inspiration to the consumer. This, in turn, promotes ‘add to basket’ and increased conversion.” He continues, “The product is a win-win. It’s a win for retailers who want to distinguish themselves in the e-commerce field, and it’s a win for customers who want to see what they might look like in a garment.”

The Dressing Room would create a new level of engaging on-site experience for retailers’ customers, lower return rates, and increase conversion overall. This software allows for easy try-on and the ability to freely combine garments. The dynamic image solution makes Looklet’s Virtual Dressing Room the answer for many unique use cases. Additionally, Looklet says that this project may deepen customer relations by understanding the customer’s styling data and which outfitting combinations they think will look best on them. Utilizing this data makes it easier to create recommendations for CRM, and it may engage retailers’ customers with a PDP of fully personalized content. To try a sample demo version of the dressing room, click here. 

Source: Looklet

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