Madwell Campaign for Inspire Clean Energy Addresses Home Energy’s Contribution to Climate Change

Full-service creative and marketing agency Madwell has created “Power a Brighter World,” a series of films for client Inspire Clean Energy that show how simple actions—like accessing clean energy for one’s home—can reduce carbon emissions and help decarbonize the power grid. The film’s storybook-illustration style reflects a sense of optimism that the brand hopes will elicit climate action from audiences who often feel powerless in the face of this crisis.  

Making the transition to clean energy is a critical step if we want to successfully mitigate the dangerous effects of climate change. The U.S. is the second-largest contributor of carbon emissions globally, and an estimated 20% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions come directly from home energy use. With Inspire, consumers simply sign up for a 100%-clean energy plan through the company, and in minutes, they can rest easy knowing that they’ve taken a big step to help the environment. In fact, one year of being an Inspire member can be more impactful than seven years of recycling. 

The first film, “The Beast,” addresses the negative impact of home energy use on the planet through the eyes of a child. In the film, an out-of-place-yet-destructive character symbolizing climate change blindly wreaks havoc on the planet. A solution is revealed once consumers have chosen clean energy from a collective that puts a stop to the beast. The second film, “Power Forward,” focuses on the feeling of paralysis many experience when it comes to taking meaningful action against climate change. The film quickly transitions to a hopeful tone as the viewer learns they have the power to make a difference and how easy it can be to choose clean energy. 

Madwell knew they would need something fresh and unexpected to get people to pay attention and care. They used illustration/animation and a storybook-style script to present a real and simple solution with true impact on climate change, and they cast a seven-year-old to tell the story.

“Ultimately, that’s who will be affected by the environmental choices we make today,” said Jeff Gillette, ECD at Madwell. “Casting a seven-year-old created an omniscient voice of that generation speaking to adults who can effect greater change now. It also felt natural to have a child’s voice tell this story since we took a children’s-book approach in our writing and animation. Our goal was to stand out in a sea of climate-change fear tactics.”

At a time when most Americans want simple ways to reduce their carbon footprint, Inspire Clean Energy—a certified B corporation that matches the dirty energy homes run on with clean, renewable energy sourced from wind, solar and low-impact hydropower in the U.S.—is empowering consumers to make a meaningful, positive impact on the planet with little hassle. “Power a Brighter World” is a marketing campaign featuring two simple yet elegant animations that present challenging topics like climate change in a universally accessible way.   

“Many of us are witnessing the climate crisis escalate and are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do about it,” stated Suzanne Seymour, senior vice president of Brand & Communications at Inspire Clean Energy. “Our intention is to break down some of those barriers through approachable creative that reflects a pure sense of hope and optimism and reminds us that future generations depend on the climate action we take today.”

“Power a Brighter World” targets people residing in Inspire’s current nine service markets—Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC—through a series of compelling social, digital TV, radio, and high-impact media partnerships.


Client Team

Client: Inspire Clean Energy 

President & CEO: Brad Bentley 

Senior Vice President Brand Marketing: Suzanne Seymour

Director, Consumer Insights: Stephanie Freier

Graphic Design Manager: Cindy Man

Agency Team

Creative agency: Madwell 

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Sojka

Executive Creative Director: Jeff Gillette

Creative Director: Melanie Simonich

Creative Director: Pedro Saldarriaga

Senior Copywriter: Charity Lombardo

Senior Designer: Sam Cohen

Group Production Director: Chrissy Riskam

Senior Creative Producer: Greg Dzurita 

Managing Director: Steve Barry

Account Director: Hayden Zellers

Group Comms Strategy Director: Laura Bianchi

Music Team

Music: Pull Studios (A Music Company)

Executive Producer / Sound Design: Scott Brittingham

Composer: Mitch Davis

Production Team 

Production company: Dress Code

Director: Qian Shi

ECD: Dan Covert

Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein

Head of Post Production & Operations: Tara Rose Stromberg

Assistant Producer: Lauren Zmirich

Design: Chamaine Yu, Christopher Vela, Elena Chudoba, Matt Choi, Marta Lemos, Nivedita Sekar, Pablo Lozano, Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Zilan Lin

Animation: Giorgio Gore, Hao Li, Matt Choi, Pablo Lozano, Romain Loubersanes, Zilan Lin

Sound Team

Sound Editing & Mix: You Too Can Woo

Voice Over – “Beast”: Khloe Bruno

Voice Over – “Power Forward”: Meghan Sinclair

Business Affairs Team

Business Affairs company: Hailstorm

Founder, CEO: Michelle McKinney

Partner, Business Affairs Director: Christina Rust

Source: Madwell

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