Make It Red Asks Brits to “Buy Some, Leave Some” as part of Labour Party’s Covid-19 Initiative

In response to the Labour Party’s call for ad agencies to apply creative thinking to coronavirus messaging, creative studio Make It Red has put together a series of in-store posters designed to nudge supermarket shoppers into taking a more public-spirited approach to filling their trollies. 

Copywriter Simon Kirkham and art director Mark Beacock created a campaign in just two days, using imagery familiar to shoppers in better times.

As supermarkets are forced to drop their “buy one get one free” offers due to lack of supply, the duo chose to subvert the concept and create a call to action (CTA) that appeals to our better natures.

The ads read: “Get one, get on with everyone,” “More friendly, less frenzy,” “Shelve your selfishness” and “Be a good deal kinder.” All carry the tagline, “Buy some, leave some.”

Kirkham says: “We wanted to twist the messaging constructs people are used to seeing in supermarkets, using the impact of the CTA to steer public opinion to the good. Covid-19 moves quickly and many supermarkets thankfully now have protocols in place, but stockpiling continues on some goods.”

The Labour Party recently issued a call for Britain’s advertising and PR industries to mobilise in the fight against panic-buying, issuing the hashtags #dontshoptillyoudrop and #covid19advert in a bid to get the best creative efforts to go viral. 

The digital posters are being shared online through social channels.

Source:  Make It Red

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