Movie Posters That Double As WiFi Hotspots

To help bring the “world’s oldest” and possibly the “least popular” ad medium—the poster—into the digital age, South Korean film distributor CJ Entertainment teamed up with ad agency Cheil to create movie posters that doubled as WiFi hotspots.

Called ‘WiFi Posters’, the campaign involved installing WiFi devices into existing movie billboards—allowing users within range to access the poster’s WiFi network.

The poster’s network pops up on smartphones like a regular wireless network, and it will be named after the movie that it was promoting.

When users joined the network, they will be directed to the movie’s official website, where they can learn more about the movie, view full HD trailers, promotional events, and buy tickets to see the film.

The WiFi Posters were installed in popular areas around Seoul, and they helped to raise the movie’s website traffic by 28.5%.

Users who interacted with the posters also remained on the movie’s website five times longer than regular users—which translated to better advance ticket sales and openings.

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