“Night workers” by McDonald’s celebrates the community and world of dedicated people working throughout the night, who often go unnoticed

Campaign celebrates millions of dedicated and often unseen people in the UK and Ireland working overnight. McDonald's and Leo Burnett London communicate the message that, with over 700 restaurants open 24 hours, we serve a world of night workers that most others never see.

McDonald’s and Leo Burnett London have today launched an integrated campaign ‘Night workers’, recognising and celebrating the millions of people working throughout the night that most of us never see.

The campaign consists of a hero 60” film and a 30” cutdown that celebrate this unsung community – reassuring them that even if unseen, their hard work is being recognised.

In each scene, we explore some of the jobs that night workers do, such as looking after patients in hospitals, maintaining roads, re-stocking supermarkets – but the workers themselves are invisible.

This theme continues until the climax of the film as they walk through McDonald’s doors for a well-deserved break. We see the workers for the first time, clearly emphasising that the doors of McDonald’s are always open, ready to welcome them and help see them through the night ahead, no matter the time.

Created by award-winning director Sam Brown in partnership with Leo Burnett London, the campaign brings to life the notion that McDonald’s champion’s night workers, including its own overnight workforce, and sees their world when others might not.

Building on the platform idea of ‘If you’re awake, we’re awake’, alongside TV, the campaign is supported on social, radio and digital display which all convey the message that McDonald’s is always open for everyone, whenever they need a break; no matter who they are or where they come from.

Ben Fox, Director of Brand, Experience & Media at McDonald’s UK & Ireland said: “With over 700 restaurants open 24/7, McDonald’s is a much-loved pit-stop for an army of people who work tirelessly through the night to keep the nation ticking over.  From nurses, to taxi drivers and firefighters to road workers, this campaign celebrates those unseen, unsung heroes and the role McDonald’s plays in keeping them going.”

Chaka Sobhani, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett London said: “We’re so chuffed to be able to work with the very talented Sam Brown to bring to life this story of the night workers we all depend on and who keep the country ticking. Even though they might not be visible during the day, McDonald’s sees and appreciates them, welcoming everyone 24hrs a day, because if you’re awake, McDonald’s is awake.”

The Night Workers campaign launches in March, and the film is available as a 60’ and 30’ edit.

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