Roger Federer surprises two special fans with a tennis game on a rooftop in new Global Barilla campaign

We Are Social Milan creates ‘The Rooftop Match with Roger Federer’

Roger Federer pays two special fans a surprise visit for a game of rooftop tennis in a new campaign for Barilla, created by We Are Social Milan.

The fans in question are two young Italian girls who, during Italy’s coronavirus lockdown earlier this year, created a tennis court between two rooftops in their hometown of Finale Ligure. The pair, Vittoria Oliveri and Carola Pessina, became a global sensation when a video of them playing a 12-shot rally between two rooftops went viral.

Struck by the girls’ passion for the game, Barilla and Federer, the brand’s ambassador and the girls’ tennis hero, decided to surprise them both on the same rooftop after lockdown was lifted. 

In the resulting film, ‘The Rooftop Match with Roger Federer’, we see the two girls on the rooftop taking part in what they think is a media interview about the global attention their lockdown tennis attracted and their love of their hero, Roger Federer. To their total surprise and delight, Federer appears and challenges them to play a match with him. Afterwards, they all sit down to enjoy some well-earned pasta. 

Roger Federer, commented: “Personally, for me, it was a special moment in my career as a tennis player, to surprise fans like I have been able to do with Carola and Vittoria.”

The four-minute film supports the Barilla brand message ‘Pasta brings people together’ as we see Roger, Vittoria and Carola gathered around the table, enjoying a plate of penne in the best Italian tradition. The campaign launched globally on YouTube and the brand’s social media channels over the weekend.

«Ever since the moment I first met Roger, I have been convinced that one of his many gifts is that of ‘lightness’» said Luca Barilla, Vice President Barilla Group. «Everything he does comes out effortlessly and so naturally and well. He is just like this even in the relationship with others, those of Planet Earth (he is a Martian!) every time he meets them, continuing to surprise everyone. It also happened a few days ago, when he landed on the rooftops of Finale Ligure to rally with two young tennis players, and then have lunch with them and their parents with a good pasta meal 😊. Roger is like this: he is a man, a father, an extraordinary athlete that, when you meet him, he widens your eyes with amazement for his humanity and “lightness” in the way he behaves, as well as for the smile that never fades on his face. We are honoured to have him by our side»

SourceWe Are Social

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