Saatchi & Saatchi joins forces with Blaise Matuidi to protect health care workers under attack in war zones

At least 3,780 attacks were perpetrated against health personnel and infrastructure between 2016 and 2020, in an average of 33 countries seeing conflict or violence, according to data from the International Committee of the Red Cross. This alarming number underscores the importance of the ICRC’s decision to join forces with Saatchi & Saatchi and Blaise Matuidi to develop an awareness campaign aimed at young people in Europe and Africa about attacks on health care personnel and services.

Attacks on doctors, nurses and medical centres do not get nearly as much attention as they should. We hope this campaign will help generate as much support for protecting health workers as the world’s best football players regularly receive from their fans,” said Jennifer Hauseman, ICRC Director of Communications and Information Management. 

In addition to highlighting the exceptional work of war surgeons, the ICRC also wishes through this campaign to reaffirm its principles of neutrality and independence. The ICRC treats all victims, regardless of their side.

In a perfect world, war surgeons risking their lives to help victims should be as famous as footballers. This is why Saatchi & Saatchi has chosen to make a film in which fans from around the world cheer for a war surgeon with the same fervor they bring to football matches.

But as FIFA World Cup champion Blaise Matuidi tells us in the final scenes of the film, it’s a basic truth that these surgeons will never be as recognized as football stars, even if they deserve it as much.

The “UNKNOWN HEROES” campaign takes us through a surgical operation as if we were watching a major football match. From the camps of South Sudan to Paris, Brazil, Barcelona, and the suburbs of Manchester, fans from around the world witness the war surgeon’s accomplishments on the medical field and his inevitable rise to fame after achieving his feat. From interviews to front-page news, awards, hordes of journalists and video game avatars, our protagonist gets the same idol treatment as the planet’s biggest football stars.

The film, directed by Stéphane Barbato, questions what the world values and is particularly relevant today as important health issues dominate global headlines. 

International Committee of the Red Cross

Siane MONREAL – Head of Community & Digital Engagement

Jesper ASTROM – Digital Tactics & Activation lead

Didier REVOL – Audiovisual producer

Nora LIVET – Global Social Media Manager

Florian SERIEX – Public Relations Officer

Chris HANGER – Public Relations Officer

Saatchi & Saatchi France

Olivier DESPRÉS – Managing Director

Pierre VIALLANEIX – Creative Director 

Laëtitia CHRETIEN – Art Director 

Jean-François LE MAREC – Copywriter 

Yann CHERVET – Head of strategies

Vanessa LAUNAY – Group Account Director 

Jonathan MIRA – Account Director 

Jessica XAVIER-COCHELIN – Account Manager  

Thierry DELESALLE – TV producer


Stephane BARBATO – Film director

Bastien BARBANEL – Producer

Frederic LUBIN – Production Director 

Marie RAFFY – Chief Editor

Flore BERNOT, Cécilia NEYROUD, Catherine OGER – Business & Legal Affairs

Source: Saatchi & Saatchi

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