SNICKERS x Hunger Support Group

electriclimefilms along with Impact BBDO joined for Snickers’ to produce two films on their famous motto about personality issues when hunger strikes. Directed by Damiano Fieramosca, the film is a portrayal of our two heroes in a dramatic confession about their hunger crisis. While one gets crazy Savage, the other is Confused when he’s hungry. The Snickers bar in both films is the “great man” of each character’s confessions, acting as their remedy and savior.

With a consistent look and feel, both films take place in the same setting of a support group conducted by a counselor in a dark and grungy basketball court. The over dramatized stories startle the rather distracted listeners in the hunger support group circle. Starting with a serious and dramatic mood generated by the assembled group, the punchline hits the viewers which builds up to the comedic climax with the revelation of Snickers. In both the Arabic and English films, the resolutions were very unexpected: the hero reaches a decision to “never leave the house without one of these.”

The two films were shot in a basketball court located in al Qusais over 1 full day. The spot was filmed on an Arri Alexa Mini paired with a 50mm Cooke lense that provided the films a vintage and smoky vibe.

Source: Impact BBDO

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