The Paint And Primer Love Story Continues

New KILZ® Primer Campaign from Arcana Academy Launches a Suite of New Creative 

KILZ is launching a new campaign that encourages younger do-it-yourselfers, particularly older Millennial or “Xennial” consumers, to use primer before they paint. Created by Los Angeles ad agency, Arcana Academy, the new work continues to chronicle a love affair between a can of paint and a can of primer that began in 2020. 

The new work from Arcana Academy depicts the relationship between paint and primer and allows the execution to show the audience an ideal relationship with relevance, using whimsical imagery never seen before to create visual interest and ‘stop the scroll’.

Executive Creative Director and co-founder of the agency, Lee Walters explains, “We know that the audience’s attention span is very short. Once we had their attention we needed to communicate quickly and succinctly in order to have our information sink in. Rather than try to include all of the different aspects of using primer found in a traditional ‘how-to’ campaign, we decided to focus on the single most important thing we wanted to communicate and concentrate all our efforts on that one vital thing.”

“For TikTok, we created life-sized paint and primer can costumes that actors wear to create real-time content on the platform with Paint and Primer simply behaving like any other couple on TikTok. They dance, they follow trends, they create little skits, and generally use the platform as normal, human couples do,” adds Executive Creative Director and co-founder Shane Hutton.

For Social Media, Arcana Academy tailored the executions to be relevant to each channel. 

For Reddit, the agency extended the campaign to relevant subreddits like r/gaming, where the relationship between Paint and Primer was depicted as homage to the opening credits of the vintage Ms. Pacman video game with Paint and Primer mimicking the moves of Ms. Pacman and Pacman’s love affair. 

Content has been developed to appear across media channels including TV, Social, and Digital Video/Streaming as well as ESPN, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok. 




Advertising Agency: Arcana Academy

Executive Creative Director – Copy: Shane Hutton

Executive Creative Director – Design: Lee Walters

Executive Producer: Jessica Darke

Account Director: Emma Goode

Account Executive: Kensy Reissig 

Client Credits: 

Chief Marketing Officer: Jodi Allen

VP Brand Marketing: Andy Lopez

Director of Brand Marketing: Mallory Jurich

Animation Credits: 

VFX Production: Laundry

Executive Creative Directors: Tony Liu & PJ Richardson
Executive Producer: James Sweigert
Head of Production: Matthew Primm
Producer: Dean Marchand
Design: Micah Fitzgerald, Fernando Lazzari, Mira Zimmerman
Animation & Compositing: Micah Fitzgerald, Miro Klasinc, Geoff Ciccarelli, Alan Ng

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