Things Unlimited Taps “Hangry Toddler” Moment In New Super Yummies Ad For Cow And Gate

A toddler on the brink of a hunger tantrum takes centre stage in Things Unlimited’s new work for Super Yummies, the Cow & Gate toddler snacking brand.

In the ad, which utilises the five-second non-skippable element of YouTube pre-roll, a toddler enjoying a day out in the park with his mum approaches meltdown with the sudden onset of hunger.

Bright, bold numbers then appear counting down from 5 to 1 but, before tantrum occurs, animated Super Yummies swoop down from nearby branches using catapults and zip lines to help distract the ‘hangry’ toddler.

Super Yummies Dairy Pots are delivered to the anxious mum and the action ends as the brand’s characters exit riding the family dog, disaster averted.

Maria Ruiz, Innovations Brand Manager at Cow & Gate said, “The Super Yummies brand lends itself for amazing creative opportunities. The team at Things Unlimited has done a fantastic job at bringing the brand to life in an engaging way with a great execution of the brief. We are all really happy with the end result and love working with such talented people.”

Sophie Chaytor-Grubb, Account Manager at Things Unlimited said, “Utilising the five-second non-skippable element of the YouTube pre-roll video made the creative work really hard and added a layer of suspense and intrigue to the content.

“The whole team threw themselves into the project. The animations were created completely from stills, the dog – Sylvie – belonged to our photographer, and the team feature as the voices of the characters.

“It was great fun and we are extremely proud of the outcome.”


Account Manager- Sophie Chaytor-Grubb

Art Director- Carl Winterbourne

Copywriter- Jake Fasano

Animator- Lloyd Francis

Photographer- Gavin Day

Videographer- Joshua Bond

Producer- Tracy Woodford

Account Director- Laura Hernando

Senior Planner- Jen Cownie

Source: Things Unlimited

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