Unilever partners with PB Creative for new US brand launch

The new brand aims to help everyone find their ‘Happy Place’

Inspired by stories about reclaiming your ‘happy place’ in these uncertain times, the Unilever US Bath and Body team has partnered with London-based PB Creative to design collections of bath and body products under the label ‘Find Your Happy Place,’ so people can immerse themselves in positive experiences shared by others.

‘Find Your Happy Place’ is designed to transform your mood and help wash away a little of life’s daily stress and anxiety. Each collection is an invitation to return to these happy experiences which awaken the senses through the use of colour, scent and emotion.

PB Creative has commissioned a selection of illustrators with distinctive styles to bring these experiences to life. The first collection, which launches this month, will encompass special moments including catching the sunrise, lazy weekends, under the starlit sky and home for the holidays. PB has considered every aspect of the design to express the personality of the brand and bring each individual story to life.

“Our aim was to capture a special moment in time and to transport people back to a magical place through emotionally led designs’:  says Amy Elshenawy, Design Director at PB Creative.

“While we needed to create a strong brand architecture to allow the entire portfolio to work harmoniously across a large number of variants, it was key that each collection retained its own distinct personality and felt premium without losing its sense of fun.”

Sonali Doshi, Global Brand Manager on Bath & Body Innovations at Unilever added: “Happy places are where we find strength, peace and things that make us feel good.  It’s where memories, dreams and hopes reside. The team at PB Creative helped us bring to life not only a new brand identity, but also to craft each unique collection to tell its own story. The end result is a set of collectible, giftable and truly one-of-a-kind products.” 

The new range designs are being rolled out across a number of formats and variants including bath & shower, handwash, body lotion and scented candles and will launch as an exclusive to the US retailer Walmart this month. 

Source: PB Creative

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