Wretch 32 stars in campaign for rail safety by National Rail


Network Rail has unveiled a film and online game – ‘Track Tests’ –with rapper, Wretch 32, and spoken word performer, George the Poet, which looks to stop death and accidents on the tracks.

Created by M&C Saatchi, the campaign sees a series of tests highlighting the difficulty of hearing approaching trains to see if the pair can identify the direction of an oncoming train – and react in time. Viewers are then prompted to take part in an online game.

Nicole Quayle, marketing services specialist at Network Rail, said: “Too many people think they would hear a train in time to move clear – tragically with more than 40 deaths in the past year, we know this isn’t the case. We hope that Track Tests will help people think twice about taking a chance and reduce the number of incidents we see each year.”

A previous Network Rail viral campaign by M&C Saatchi, released in May 2012, featured Welsh Olympic hurdler, Dai Greene, testing the speed and agility needed to move out of the way of an oncoming train in time.

“It’s one thing showing people how difficult it is to tell where a train is coming from, but it’s quite another giving them the chance to try it for themselves,” Camilla Harrison, CEO at M&C Saatchi, said, explaining the campaign.

She added: “The combination of the film and the game will engage the public, help them to understand through their own (virtual) experience how hard it is to recognise the direction of moving sounds, and demonstrate how dangerous it is to walk on railway lines.”

The game features three levels, each becoming more realistic.

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