7-Eleven Redesigns Its Coffee Concept in Sweden

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has updated its coffee concept with redesigned coffee cups, napkins and plastic bags.

The International chain approached design agency BVD in the summer of 2012, to redesign its coffee concept and the new identity was implemented in Sweden at the end of the year.

Speaking about the redesign, Rikard Ahlberg, Senior Designer at BVD, had this to say, “7-Eleven decided to update their coffee concept and emphasize a smart and convenient brand experience. The iconic stripes are the take-off point of our design. We used them in a new and more modern way, creating a strong recognizable graphic signal that works in a busy environment.”

Taking 7-Eleven’s iconic stripes, the redesign plays on negative spaces — using thin and bold white lines to illustrate the number ‘7’, while the number ‘11’ is illustrated by the store’s signature orange and red lines.

“We find the classical stripes very iconic and they play an important role in the 7-Eleven identity. We used the stripes in a new and more modern way,” added Rikard.

The new concept is currently only available in the Swedish market.

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