adidas brings together football stars for fearless FW19 boot launch via Iris

To launch adidas’ FW19 football boot pack, adidas’ biggest stars have come together to test the limits of their fellow creators and dare them to create.

The campaign, dubbed ‘The Deal’, sees star players such as Paul Pogba, Leo Messi, and Mesut Ozil use the language of revolutionaries and world leaders, challenging fans and creators to unlearn everything they know, and meet the conditions they set out, to own the fearlessness that goes hand in hand with owning adidas boots.

The hero films by Iris, sees the stars as disruptive, intrusive and unmissable; confidently outlining the characteristics of a new footballing world order, as dictated by adidas. They demand that fans make a choice – buy the boots and accept the conditions they set – or keep their money and allow the boots to be taken by someone willing to accept The Deal.

The hero film is accompanied by 21 individual player films (delivered in their native tongue), the manifesto outlined by football legends separates creators from everyone else and boldly leads the new football revolution. 

The animations were created by Blink Ink, using in-camera stop-motion. The films were directed by Nicos Livesey.

The films have gone live across adidas social channels, plus individual player films in their first language have gone live on their channels, e.g. Leo Messi. The campaign also includes audio content to be rolled out across Spotify plus a suite of 2D OOH.

Source: Iris

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