BeMore.FearLess. Fear for Good.

FEAR has two interpretations: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise

When threatened with adversity and scarcity, unlike we have ever experienced before, we all deal with fear in different ways. No matter what our fears are, human nature takes its course. 

Scientifically speaking, fear is an emotional response to a ‘perceived’ threat that may or may not happen. In our case, Covid-19 has happened, it’s real, and our anxieties surrounding it are complex. 

Like grief, fear goes through stages, and it essentially ladders up to one of two human responses: fight or flight. In essence, it will either accelerate our behaviours and decision making or inhibit them. Fear is our defence mechanism for survival, but just like any emotion, too much of it can debilitate logical reasoning.

Taxi Studio has spent over 18 years cultivating the spirit of ‘fearlessness’, and now more than ever we know that we must use fear for good. Fear will only be as positive or as destructive as we let it, and if we wrangle it into an accelerant, we can make it work for us, we can become more by fearing less.

We need to double down on positivity and creativity ­– because when the world is dark, brands can still bring some light. With so much outside of our control, we seek reassurance from things and people we trust. They have the power to mentally take us back to a time when the world was a less uncertain place. We may be under house arrest, but we will need more than just a regular supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer to get through this.

The marketing community have spent millions and millions of dollars on defining brand purposes, so we must continue to live by these to ensure we are providing people with things that are useful, comforting or even just light relief during these unprecedented times.

Now more than ever we need to gear up not slow down. We can’t wait for when we ‘get back to normal’ because we aren’t even sure when or what the new normal will be. 

Now more than ever, we need to use creativity and our smarts to get our people, our communities and our businesses back to rude health. 

Now more than ever, we need to start using our fear for good – we need to face everything and rise. 

And as a wise man once said (who also happened to sort out the theory of relativity) ‘Creativity is contagious. Pass it on’. 

Over to you. 

Article by Jade Horton, Strategy Partner at Taxi Studio

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