Best Nest Wellness chooses Netrush as its online retail partner

Best Nest Wellness, a popular wellness brand that creates brain-boosting vitamins for the whole nest, including preconception, pregnancy, postnatal, childhood, and parenthood, has announced its partnership with Netrush, an online retailer that helps impact-minded brands grow on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Best Nest co-founders, Dr. Madhavi Gupta and Jeremy Dyen chose Netrush to help them expand upon the success they achieved since starting the company in 2015. The two, who are partners in life and business, had managed to develop and bring an extensive line of vitamins to market.

“We had accomplished a ton on our own,” Dyen said. “We successfully brought our products to Amazon, developed and launched our DTC site, built a large loyal customer base, and grew a small and passionate team of employees. Business is booming. But we need a partner who can help us take it to the next level, expanding our digital reach and helping us make even stronger connections with customers. We feel like Netrush understands our goals as business owners and leaders, and could be a true partner.”

Netrush will provide a full suite of retail services to the brand, including Netrush Logistics Services to fulfill orders from their DTC site and brick-and-mortar retail customers.

“Best Nest is exactly the kind of brand we like to work with,” said Justin Marshall, Netrush’s Chief Growth Officer. “They have found the white space in the wellness category with their formulas that optimize both brain and body health. Our goal is to help more people discover and benefit from their groundbreaking products.”

Source: Best Nest Wellness

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