Biles Inc. focuses on clean, simple design to optimise the childlike qualities of Ella’s Kitchen on the relaunch of their baby dry cereal range

Ella'S_DryCerealCompFebruary sees Ella’s Kitchen rolling out new packaging for their baby dry cereals, with design by Biles Inc.

Biles Inc. were appointed by Ella’s Kitchen as their branding and packaging design agency following a strategic pitch in July 2015.

Ella’s Kitchen, the organic baby and kids food company, was founded in 2006. Less than a decade later it is the UK’s biggest baby food brand and is now available in more than 35 territories.

Anthony Biles, principal at Biles Inc. commented: “We are thrilled to be working with Ella’s Kitchen, it’s an icon in the category and a much loved brand. With this redesign, we have looked to build on its existing assets, to boost brand personality, and to simplify the range navigation, whilst keeping the packaging clean, simple and child-like.”

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