Cyanite launches technology that can find music based on full text for the first time

Cyanite, a tech company with various software solutions in AI-powered music tagging and search, has launched the first search engine that can instantly translate complex text input into its closest musical equivalent. Similar to image creation services like Dall-E and Midjourney, users can now find matching music by telling the AI exactly what they need – in their own language and unbound to a prefixed set of keywords.  

Now, users can insert a full scene description, a synch briefing or just a hunch about a sound, and Cyanite’s Free Text Search will provide a list of suitable tracks. The search requests may be as complex as “A city lost to time, its buildings half buried by the jungle that has claimed it” or as simple as “Walking down a dusty highway”. 

The technology empowers any user – regardless of their music knowledge – to delve deeper into huge music libraries to discover the perfect music for a specific application such as a movie trailer or YouTube video, vastly reducing the complexity of music search. It also opens up new licensing opportunities for music companies to a far wider range of potential music buyers.  

Markus Schwarzer, CEO, Cyanitesays“We are seeing a steep increase in audiovisual content creation – both professional as well as user generated. Music rights holders are bombarded with requests from both sides of the professional spectrum, from branding agencies to DIY content creators. They cannot possibly meet all of them in a timely manner with a consistent high quality. With Free Text Search, we provide music companies with a tool that catches the first wave by giving a variety of music choices to broad requests for users to drill down from – or very targeted music recommendations to specific requests.” 

Joey Goldberger, Sync Manager at Canadian music publishing group Nettwerk agrees: “We’ve been lucky to get early access to Cyanite’s new Free Text Search and in this short period of time, songs which we found through this super intuitive system have already gotten licensing requests and one successful sale. We are big fans.“

Free Text Search may be applied to choosing music for a wealth of scenarios, from library music, gaming, film, sonic branding and advertising, to new developments in areas such as the metaverse and Point of Sale (POS) and takes a step closer towards the company’s goal of creating a universal intelligence that understands, indexes and recommends the world’s music. 

Markus Schwarzer: “There is a lot of interest in AI-generated music, mainly because of its applicability for specific use cases like concentration, sleep, and so on. We believe this is partly down to music discovery for human-created music being too one-dimensional. With Free Text Search, we aim to put the spotlight back on human-created music, by applying the cutting edge of artificial intelligence to music catalogues.”

Jeroen Vreugdenhil is Managing Director of Brilliant Classics, a music label working with original classical recordings. He adds:“It’s a huge challenge to set up a new YouTube channel with playlists for specific activities and situations like studying, sleeping, and relaxing with 100,000 songs from our catalogue, which consists entirely of classical music. For that, we seamlessly integrated Cyanite’s new Free Text Search into our workflows and I can already say that it’s never been easier to search for suitable music. It empowers my team to tap into the very deep layers of our repertoire and realise its full potential.“

Next to Brilliant Classics and Nettwerk Music Group, music agency Marmoset Music, and independent production music library MediaTracks are using Free Text Search. At the same time, many of Cyanite’s global customers are evaluating integration with their existing libraries.

William Saunders, Director Media & Creative at MediaTracks, says: “Our team was blown away by Cyanite’s new Free Text Search as it offers an intuitive and easy way to start a music search by simply typing in what you are looking for. We will deeply integrate it into our workflows to faster and better answer our clients’ requests for music.“

Cyanite’s Free Text Search is based on the latest Transformer technology, which is also used for current image generators or ChatGPT, for example. Cyanite fed its transformer technology with complex musical descriptions e.g. from music reviews, to teach the AI to understand any kind of written text input. This input is then translated into suitable music. The decisive advantage of such a model is the fact that it learns free text instead of discrete classes, which allows semantic relationships to be recognized.

Anyone who wants to try out Free Text Search with a showcase database of Spotify, can register for free here for Cyanite’s Web App and access the search via this link.

Source: Cyanite & Lovely Mobile News

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