DDB Stockholm’s New Samsung Campaign will Change Your Opinion on TV Dinners

Most people eat their dinner in front of the TV at some point, often while watching an episode of their favourite show. In order to keep pace with the ability of Samsung’s latest-generation SUHD TV that takes viewing to a new level, the standard of TV dinners also needs to be raised. This is the thinking of Samsung and DDB Stockholm as they launch the ‘Fine Watching’ concept in an exclusive event at the Michelin-starred Frederikshøj restaurant in Aarhus.

Danish celebrity chef and TV personality Wassim Hallal has exclusively composed two different three-course menus based upon the HBO series Game of Thrones and Sopranos.

Nordic influencers (foodies and journalists) were invited to enjoy these meals in two sittings in front of Samsung’s latest SUHD TV curved Nano Crystal Display. While the SUHD TV played episodes of the shows with razor-sharp image quality and an impressive colour rendering, the food provided the additional dimensions of taste and smell.

“Television drama is an art form and, at this level, so is cooking. But there is still something of a taboo about eating in front of the TV. We’re hoping to change this with Fine Watching,” says Henrik Lethagen, Marketing Manager at Samsung.

The menus are available at Samsung’s Nordic Facebook pages – so now the only ingredient you need for your own Fine Watching experience is the TV itself.


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