ELº Films teams with DDB to launch new campaign for Porsche Middle East

DDB and Electric Lime Films join to produce a set of four films, dynamic, elegant, and engaging to the core, each focusing on a beautiful location to showcase life’s twists and turns through the engines of the Porsche 718.

The films portray bold mesmerising cinematography, intuitive fast cut editing, captivating sounds and premium dynamic animation to capture the viewer’s attention, whilst focusing on the aspects of the car. Together, these elements conveyed the spirit of the Porsche 718: Power, Elegance, Freedom and Status.

The 718 line was juxtaposed with landscapes dynamic in colour, tone and shape. The Crayon 718 Cayman S raced through the desert rich with red sands and a pink sunset sky while the Red-Guard 718 Boxster cruised along a wide stretch of the beach rimmed by white sand evoking a top-down carefree lifestyle. The Silver 718 Cayman GTS ruled the city streets washed in orange lights with hues of blues reflecting and flaring from nearby towers and skyscrapers.

Lastly, the complete range charged through mountain roads, vast and impressive with the greys and browns of the rocks merging along the horizon with the bluish mountain range in the distance.

Spanning over four days, the films were shot around a number of locations in the UAE, making it a race against time. The essence of the films were captured by the use of a Russian Arm manoeuvring at high speeds through various terrains while professional precision drivers took charge of the Porsches.

Source: Electric Lime Films

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