Forest Essentials presents modern day Apsaras

Forest Essentials latest TVC embodies its philosophy of combining ancient ayurvedic traditions with modern luxury. Created by Wieden+Kennedy Delhi, and directed by Paul Minor, the film enchants the viewers with beautiful apsaras – mythological celestial beings – in a magical Forest Essentials factory.

The audience follows the apsaras through the forest where they collect, sort, pour and hand pound wonderfully pure ingredients to create beautiful Forest Essential products. The rich cinematic visuals are enhanced by a dynamic drumbeat – a break away from slow-paced music typical of beauty commercials.

Mira Kulkarni, Managing Director, Forest Essentials said, “The film captures the magical mystical quality of Ayurveda making it relevant to today’s audience”.

V Sunil, Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy, Delhi added, “ We wanted to make the brand relevant from the foothills of the Himalayas to the fashion capitals of the world like Milan, Paris, New York.”


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