Gassed secures Fabletics and Ruggable TikTok accounts

Top 10 TikTok agency in North America charged with delivering growth through creative and paid media acquisition for the brands

Gassed, one of the few agencies that create both user generated content and handle media buying on TikTok, has secured two new account wins in the form of Fabletics and Ruggable.

The Top 10 TikTok agency, which handles over $2m+ in sales on the short form video platform per month, will handle all creative and paid media for the popular workout wear and washable rug brands.

Dean Rojas, President and Co-Founder, Gassed, says:  “These are two of the brands we put on our ‘Dream Client’ list when we started the agency.  They’re both titans in the e-commerce space not only in terms of market spend, but unmatched product quality at a great consumer price point! Due to our unique position in the market and as an official TikTok partner agency, we can offer unparalleled performance based creative to optimize clients’ KPIs.  We are over the moon to welcome Fabletics and Ruggable into the fold, whose teams get what’s needed to make things sing on the platform.”

Michael Woolsey, Co-Founder, Gassed, adds:  “We take brands all the way from ad concept to customer acquisition, countering creative fatigue for our partners by understanding what their customers are looking for.  Fabletics and Ruggable can look forward to some serious competitive advantages because of our exclusive access to TikTok alpha and beta rollouts.”

Gassed already counts Dude Wipes, Litter Robot, Ridge Wallet, Crocs and Scentbird as clients.

Source: Gassed

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