Hamster Hijacks Truck in Volvo Stunt

Forsman & Bodenfors and Smuggler turn a hamster into a trucker in mind-blowing stunt.

“I know it’s hard to believe a hamster could drive a truck, but Charlie the hamster did it. What you see in the film is the real thing’’ says Lars Terling, Vice President Marketing Communications, Volvo Trucks.

Exactly a year after launching viral film ‘The Ballerina Stunt’, Volvo Trucks is back with a series of new stunts. Last week Volvo Trucks released teaser-video ‘The Hook’, which has already claimed over 2 million views on YouTube. Today premiers the next daring film: ‘The Hamster Stunt’.

The film features Charlie, a tiny hamster, steering a Volvo FMX construction truck up and out of a hazardous quarry – demonstrating how easy it is to manoeuvre the 15-tonne construction truck.

“We were highly sceptical to begin with, but at the same time we could see it was a fun way to show how easy it is to steer with Volvo Dynamic Steering’’ says Lars Terling.

Charlie was chosen in a careful casting procedure and had undergone several weeks of training prior to the test. The supporting role is played by precision driver Seon Rogers, who has his feet on the pedals and a carrot to keep Charlie from driving them over the edge.

“It was a big challenge. The driver had to hold the carrot in just the right way so he could lead the hamster. If he held it too high or too low Charlie would lose interest,” explains animal trainer Grace Dickinson

The film was shot in a closed-off quarry at Los Tres Cunados, Spain, and was directed by Jamie Rafn, known for his one-take spot ‘Walk’. #TheHamsterStunt is part of a live-test strategy to dramatise the technical innovations of Volvo Trucks.

“More films are on the way this autumn that show our trucks undergoing tests in conditions that are unusual, to say the least,” reveals Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks.

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