iFolor’s poignant Christmas spot celebrates elderly couple’s greatest moment

A perfect memory is captured in a photo book in a new TV campaign created for iFolor by agency Walker Zurich. Directed by Nigel Cole (Calendar Girls, Saving Grace), the spot uses flashbacks to tell the story of an elderly woman visiting her dementia-suffering husband in a nursing home.

They dance among the autumn leaves as they remember the moment they first met – youthful and beautiful on New Year’s Eve. The iFolor photo book, a gift from a wife to her ailing husband, has sparked a moment of lucidity for the elderly man, who shares the tender moment with his wife in present day.

The short film stars veteran actress Helen Ryan, who featured in classic ‘80s film The Elephant Man.

The ad, named Grace, builds on the success of the recent Vikings spot (above) for iFolor, which featured a skirmish between rival Viking re-enactors more concerned with taking selfies than duelling. Vikings has received over 1.1m views online since launch last month.

Pius Walker, Creative Director at Walker Zurich, said: “iFolor is a brave client that isn’t afraid to explore continually creative avenues to invoke a reaction in its audience. From humour to sorrow to empathy, these are the emotions long brought about by photographs, and iFolor’s photo books ensure these moments are passed on through generations.”


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