IKEA’s Ad Inspires You To ‘Start Something New’

Many tend to get stuck in the monotony of everyday life.

To inspire you to take action to change something or do something new, Swedish furniture giant IKEA created an ad that tells of the story of an adorable old man escaping from the humdrum routine of his life.

The spot, entitled ‘Start Something New’, features an elderly man who walks to the park everyday, to sit on a park bench with other old men to feed the birds.

One day, as he approaches the bench, he finds that his space has been occupied; so, the next day, he returns with his own fold-up chair from IKEA.

As he finds that he is no longer restricted with the help of his portable chair, he decides to find new spots to feed new birds—which eventually leads him to traveling across the world, to gain new experiences and learn about different cultures.

The ad shows that even a small and simple decision, like buying a chair, can be life-changing.

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